How To Setup Your Mobile

There are two different set up procedures: for older, lighter models, and for newer, heavier mobile homes.

Setting up older/lighter mobile homes

Put a bottle jack under the chassis at the back of the wheel, and lift it until the wheel is off the ground. Place 2 x 4” solid blocks and a piece of timber under the axle just inside the wheel, and repeat on far side.

Use the jack to lift the mobile at the front to level, and place blocks under both corners. Go to back and put blocks under each corner, then rise back a couple of inches with the jack and finish both corners. Check to see if the doors are opening properly: if they are catching at top or bottom you can rise or lower to free the door by adjusting height of blocks on corners.

Setting up heavier/newer mobile homes

The bigger and heavier new mobiles have support points marked on both sides, and you will need to rise the wheels off the ground for greater stability. Near each support point there are jacking points marked also. If there are no jacking points use the next support point.

My way to set-up would be to take two bottle jacks, jack on both points at either side of axle on one side, and raise until wheels are off the ground and mobile is level all along that side. Place blocks and timber under each support point. Repeat the process on the other side, jacking until the mobile home is level across the front and back, and then level side to side and support all points.

Remember, if the ground is not level, jack the high side first.